My name is Bhavya, a microbiologist by profession also very passionate about cooking. I am basically from Mangaluru, southern India currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. Idea behind the Indicspices is to cherish the very authentic traditional recipes especially south Indian which is not explained in any books. Hence can be passed on to the next generation. Some of the recipes described here are transferred to me by my mother and mother in law and slightly modified.

According to me Indian cooking is all about mixing the right amount spices which brings out the taste in any vegetable of choice. I love to cook all kind of vegetarian cuisines. For me there is no cooking without spices. Usually i make my own spice paste especially for the south indian curries (Sambar and rasam). It is so amazing that there are numerous curry varieties with different combinations of spices.

Now a days there are so many mouth to mouth recipes which are already published. My focus is on trying to bring additional taste with continental touch to the Indian cuisine in the near future.